Andy began his life-long love affair with woodworking in his final days of junior high shop class. Today he makes exquisite custom wood furniture. For many years Andy worked in solid wood and found most projects to be somewhat simple and straightforward. He noticed that he especially enjoyed working with wood with unusual grain or figuring. Then in 1993 he had an opportunity to build a piece requiring the use of veneers and his perspective was changed forever. With veneering he could work with the most exotic woods and grains. Andy was on his way to specializing in high quality furniture using the technique of veneering.

Veneering goes back centuries to the early Egyptian period. The art of veneering is simply shaving a thin slice of wood from a log, rather than sawing a heavy board. The veneer is then applied to a base wood. It is neither inferior nor cheap. In fact, some of the most exotic species and unusual grain patterns are often used in veneering. High quality veneering requires exacting precision in joining the seams. Today, it is also important in terms of economics and conservation. Andy points out, "by veneering you complete a project with about 95% less of an exotic wood species than if you were to use a whole board alone".

By virtue of his skill at veneering, Andy offers a wider variety of woods than most craftsmen. His clean simple designs come to life with unusual woods and grain patterns. "Solid wood or veneer, either way, I'm committed to creating quality furniture that will last for generations."