"Furniture is an echo of tradition expressed in organic lines. Customers often speak of my furniture as going well with many existing styles. Yet my furniture has its own identity of graceful lines, reverence for wood, and appropriateness to people. This look is best defined as 'The Northwest Style”.

Created, owned and operated by Greg, his shop is a diverse group with many individual talents and even more collectively. They thrive on challenge, solutions and hard work. Each craftsman does everything from sanding, milling, assembly, and finishing to answering the phone.

The shop’s energies have been in chairs since 1984, with much of that time spent refining the Rocker and The Dining Chair. Esthetics, ergonomics, and woodworking are all equally important in this challenging furniture genre. Craftsmanship of the hand is crucial to our furniture, particularly in assembly and finishing. However, we use modern technology (primarily in the milling of the parts) to keep the price affordable as well as limiting wear and tear on our aging bodies. Many of our machines we designed and built for specific processes in the shop.