Larry & Nancy

Larry and Nancy have been working together professionally since 1975 when they set up a woodworking studio in a beautiful, hidden valley in the mountains of New Mexico. They designed their adobe studio and built it by hand over the course of several years. It sits on several acres of land where they have raised three children, tended to a large garden and cared for a menagerie of animals.

They both studied painting and sculpture at Indiana University but are self-taught furniture makers. Their fine arts background led to their emphasis on design. They say, “Our primary concerns are sculptural…how a piece is viewed in three dimensions from every angle. We strive to create a sense of fluid movement in our pieces through the use of smooth transitions, clean lines, and openness”.

Through experimentation and research, they mastered the technique of bent lamination. This is done by sawing boards into thin strips and gluing them back together against a curved form. The resulting pieces are stronger than the original boards. This method creates gracefully curving pieces of wood, which move through three dimensions without angular intersections

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