Mark Rhemar

Although Mark currently lives on a 22-acre homestead in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, he was born in Cleveland. He took his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh and did graduate work in the Department of Physics at Cornell University.
After “dropping out in the 60’s” he followed a rather typical series of pursuits: teaching in an alternative school, living communally, painting houses, planting trees, and practicing carpentry.
His first design experience was in designing and building homes. When asked to create a home for a former customer, he spent several months studying design, art, and architecture. The initial house was a great success, working both physically and emotionally for the resident. Mark was hooked. After several other residential projects, Mark began designing and building custom furniture using wood. This enabled him to work in a medium that allowed greater personal connection with the entire process and the finished object. Shortly thereafter, he began making boxes and other accessory items, enjoying the opportunity to create such fine objects with efficiency.
Mark says, “I have found a deep connection between my early studies and my present endeavors. Design and theoretical physics are two of the most conceptually difficult disciplines I have encountered. The way of thinking in both areas, though different in content, is very similar; both require the ability to use both sides of the brain in harmony to create a successful solution.

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