Mike Mahoney

Mike Mahoney has been a professional wood turner since 1994. Mike's work is sought after by collectors all over the world. Mike is often requested to demonstrate and teach for wood turner clubs, craft schools and symposia. He has traveled around the world to discuss and demonstrate his craft. He is considered an authority in woodturning.
Much of Mike's wood comes from urban landfills. He uses ash, maple, American elm, myrtle, walnut, locust, box elder, and other varieties. What is an urban landfill tree? These are the trees that have been removed from parks, easements and public properties around our towns. When trees become too old, too large, or diseased, they are removed due to hazard. The trees are then disposed of at a green waste site. They usually become firewood, pulp, or mulch. Sometimes they are left to rot. Mike salvages these trees and recycles them into beautiful, functional bowls.