MJ has spent most of his life in the Piedmont region. Nestled between the Smokey Mountains and the Atlantic coast, this area boasts the richest timberland and the largest furniture manufacturers in the country. Furniture building, however, was never part of MJ’s life plan as he was growing up. He actually studied psychology in college and was pursing his Master's degree in clinical psychology when he took a part time job in an 18th century furniture reproduction shop to help pay the bills. "Working there struck a chord in me that is still reverberating today - an artistic chord that I never knew existed".

Over time, MJ says he has learned that "During the 18th century there were as many bad designs as there were good. Just because a design is 200 years old doesn't mean it's artistically pleasing!" The furniture line he produces today in his own workshop includes "pieces which incorporates both the artistry and mechanics of 18th century furniture - pieces with integrity, style and design proportion which make them special - not just well-built, but classic deigns with pure proportions."

Don't allow the fine quality and formal appearance of MJ's furniture to inhibit you. This furniture was built to be used every day. Usage will give it its own special patina. And, it can be handed down confidently from generation to generation without every going out of style