Dan grew up in Bloomington, Illinois and began woodworking in high school.  His shop instructor, seeing Dan’s talents, took him under his wing and coached him along.  After graduation in 1981, Dan was immediately hired into a cabinet shop and began the journey to being the expert craftsman that he is today. After a series of moves, Dan is now part of Ron and Steve’s (see craftsmen list) shop.  While he helps to build their full line of Arts and Crafts furniture, Dan has taken on a more contemporary line as his own and is enjoying it. “I love to see a pile of boards become fine furniture that will be here 100 years from now.” 

For those in the Chicago area who order furniture from Ron and Steve or Dan, they may have the good fortune of meeting Dan personally; he often does the deliveries for Sawbridge himself. Rarely does a “Dan delivery” go by that the client doesn’t comment on what a pleasure it was to meet him and how knowledgeable he is about wood and fine furniture


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