Unlike many woodworkers, Dave’s first love was metalworking. As a young man he went to work in melt shops where he learned the art of welding, shaping and recycling old metal into new form. The idea of giving new life to old objects is the inspiration behind Dave's work.

However, once Dave began to work with wood as a hobby, he never looked back. Leaving the iron works behind, he dedicated himself to building furniture full time. Dave loves to work in old wood and particularly in old growth pine. He scours the country for old beams from demolished buildings. He then cut the boards and dries them in the kiln beside his shop. Dave feels the old wood is harder and stronger than much of today's cultivated, fertilized, fast-growing pine.

Dave's designs are a reflection of himself. "My furniture is the way I like it -simple. It's part of me." His simple and pure forms are executed in thick, chunky reclaimed boards, often incorporating metal ornamentation.