Kathleen West 

Kathleen West’s printmaking style has been the product of 40 years of hard work and artistic inspiration. After receiving her degree in art education from Rosary Hill College in 1964, Kathleen spent several years teaching art to children and adults in New York schools before deciding to concentrate exclusively upon her own artistic development.

Kathleen’s inspiration has evolved over time. Her early work reveals a young mother’s lifestyle where artistic influences came from childhood themes and children’s books especially with detailed illustrations. Her second artistic phase resulted from personal research in galleries and libraries where she discovered the work of William Morris. Gradually, her creative energy drew upon medieval and natural themes along with literary quotes. This shift in style also inspired Kathleen to begin hand-coloring her prints. With all of these creative influences, her prints have developed a pre-Raphaelite quality.

The painstaking, printmaking process first involves designing, drawing, and cutting the block. Once this stage is completed, Kathleen individually handprints and hand-colors each print with the use of a wooden spoon and watercolors. All of Kathleen’s prints run in limited edition series of 100.

A member of the Buffalo Society of artists for 30 years, she enjoys a growing following of admirers. Her work has a wide appeal that has attracted the attention of private collectors from across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Her long, successful career has been acknowledged by her peers with the title of Master Artisan of the prestigious Roycrofters. The Roycroft seal embossed on the wooden frames of her prints denotes the honor.

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