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Woodstock Stems, Balloon Red Wine
Woodstock Stems
Simon Pearce’s Woodstock Glasses are handblown by skilled glass artisans. Simon Pearce creates durable products that are beautifully designed and produced with premium quality materials such as lead free glass and pottery and are intended for a lifetime of everyday use. Simon Pearce’s glass and pottery make beloved gifts for weddings, anniversaries and everyday. Each piece is handmade in one of his Quechee or Windsor, Vermont studios.
(The Woodstock Balloon was formerly called the Meriden Wine Glass and the Woodstock Tumblers were formerly called the Stockbridge Tumblers.)
Caring For Your Glass
  • Our lead-free glass, when cared for appropriately, will retain its brilliance.
  • Dishwasher-safe.  Use a mild detergent on a warm gentle cycle. 
  • We do not guarantee our glass to be microwave-safe.  Extreme changes in temperature, such as very hot liquids, may cause our glass to crack.  Never place glass in a freezer. 
  • Glassware with handles is particularly vulnerable to cracking with rapid changes in temperature.
Woodstock Glasses (Left-Right) 
  • Balloon Red Wine: H7 7/8" W3 3/8" 20oz
  • Woodstock White Wine Medium: H8" W3" 12 oz
  • Woodstock Flute: H10 1/4" W2 1/8"
  • Woodstock Cocktail: H6” W4” 8oz
  • Woodstock White Wine Tall: H9 1/4" W2 1/2" 16oz
  • Woodstock Tumbler: H5 3/4" W3 1/4" 16oz
  • Woodstock Tumbler: H4 1/4" W3 1/4" 8oz
By Simon Pearce
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Balloon Red Wine    #7817/1147SP $75.00
White Wine    #143/1088SP $72.00
Flute    #461/1597SP $72.00
Red Wine    #57/1136SP $75.00
Large Tumbler    #5682/1183SP $70.00
Small Tumbler    #5683/1182SP $65.00
All accessories are handcrafted and any given item may not always be in stock. We will advise you of expected lead-times, if any, when you order.

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