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Pillar Raku Lamp
Pillar Raku Lamp
Mary's raku lamps are like luminous poems weaving together color, texture and form. Raku is a type of Japanese pottery that is traditionally characterised by being hand shaped rather than thrown and being removed from the kiln while still glowing hot. These lamps emanate a warm glow that is wonderful next to a bed or sofa, Mary's smaller lamps make fantastic accent lamps. Lamps are outfitted with a custom sized shade and one of a kind finial.

Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 22"H


By Mary
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Pillar Raku Lamp    #3950 $400.00
Due to the nature of raku, Mary's lamps are one-of-a-kind. We try to keep this site as up to date as possible with what is currently available.

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