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The Wyndham, 2x3
The Wyndham
Suggesting the work of Charles Voysey or perhaps Gavin Morton, this design creates the subtle effect of a garden trellis. An olive green field with bands of gold, spruce green foliage and accents in violet, deep plum, ivorty and soft light blue. The Wyndham is now also available in a boarder only design. Click on 'Alternate Image' to see examples.
2x3    #6674 $260.00
3x5    #6675 $660.00
4x6    #6749 $1,060.00
5x7    #6750 $1,540.00
6x9    #6751 $2,380.00
8x10    #6752 $3,520.00
9x12    #6753 $4,750.00
10x14    #7715 $6,160.00
6' Runner    #6758 $660.00
8' Runner    #6759 $880.00
10' Runner    #6776 $1,100.00
12' Runner    #6777 $1,320.00
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