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Frank Lloyd Wright's Skylight
Frank Lloyd Wright's Skylight
For over 20 years, the artisans at Motawi Tileworks have hand-crafted art tile. These distinctive tiles are known for their rich glazes and uniquely American designs, inspired by nature, art and architecture. Skylight is an original Frank Lloyd Wright design.

Skylight is part of a series of tiles handcrafted in the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright.  These tiles are available in a thinner frame than the traditional Motawi frame, please call for pricing.


All of the Motawi tiles are available framed, please call for pricing.

Tile dimensions: 4" x 8"


By Motawi Tileworks
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Frank Lloyd Wright's Skylight    #07936 $61.00
All accessories are handcrafted and any given item may not always be in stock. We will advise you of expected lead-times, if any, when you order.
Frank Lloyd Wright

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