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Iron Floor Candlestands
Iron Floor Candlestands
Jeff's Art Nouveau candlesticks are inspired by the nature of West Virginia. Fluid and graceful, his work seems to transcend the rugged iron from which they are created. His Floor Candlestands are wonderful in pairs or a set of three and hold a 3" dia. candle.

Jeff has been forging as an artist-blacksmith for over 30 years, coaxing hard, cold iron into delicately wrought objects. His works abound with flowing organic forms and amazingly accurate renderings that are gently entwined with vines and flowers in such a subtle way that the casual observer forgets it's actually steel.

For Jeff, the appeal of working with iron lies in the traditional role of blacksmiths and the permanence of their work. Historically, blacksmiths contributed to the well-being of their neighbors by creating the tools that sustained the community.  Their implements and art served and gave pleasure to many generations. 


  • Short- 32"H, 8 1/2" wide at base
  • Medium -  34"H, 8 1/2" wide at base
  • Tall - 36"H, 8 1/2" wide at base
By Jeff
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Iron Floor Candlestands    #2760, 2806, 2807 $95.00
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