Split Rail Fence Vases,  Small Rail Vase
Split Rail Fence Vases
Nestled into the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, Barbara Greenberg creates vases and candle holders from salvaged lumber, primarily American Chestnut split rail fences, many that were originally built over 100 years ago.
Barbara Greenberg uses the posts and rails from century old split rail fences.  Once, a quarter of the eastern woodlands were made up of giant American Chestnut trees.  Growing 5 feet in diameter and up to 100 feet tall, their straight trunks made strong and also very rot resistant lumber.  The blight, first discovered in New York City in 1904, imported from Asia, had completely wiped out these giant trees by 1950.  Many stumps send out shoots which are still attached by this fungus. Imperfections in the finished products are natural, as the elements have helped create this beauty.  
Split Rail Fence Vases
Vase sizes vary and are approximate.
  • Small: 6 1/2"H
  • Medium: 9 1/2"H
  • Large: 14"H
  • Floor Vase: 20"H
By Barbara Greenberg
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Small Rail Vase    #6420 $25.00
Medium Rail Vase    #6421 $32.00
Large Rail Vase    #6422 $38.00
Floor Size Rail Vase    #6423 $65.00
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