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Appeal to Heaven Flag
Appeal to Heaven Flag
Marie first made an "Appeal to Heaven" flag for a client of Sawbridge Studios to give as a wedding gift to his sister and her former Navy husband. Each American flag comes with a short bio of the barn where the wood originated and story of the flag design. From the Betsy Ross to the 50 star, each flag is truly a unique embodiment of history.
Marie was recently featured on Chicago's ABC-7 News, click here to watch her discuss the flags, their history and her art.
Dimensions: 35"L x 22"H
Flag Information: This flag was used on floating batteries built to protect Boston and is assigned by George Washington to the six cruisers that formed our first navy. The design did not last because the colors fade quickly and are hard to recognize at sea.
Barn Information: This flag is painted on siding from a barn built in Long Grove, Ill. circa 1867 by William Operman. Mr. Operman was a Swiss immigrant who became lost on his way through the area.  When he stopped to ask directions at his still existing farm house, the door was answered by another immigrant from his village in Switzerland.  He decided to stay and own the farm and Cuba and South Krueger Road.
By Marie Roth
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Appeal to Heaven Flag    #1748 $425.00
Marie's flags are each unique in size, flag design and nature of the wood. Although we try to keep this site up to date with the flags we currently have available, we suggest calling to make sure we have a particular flag in stock.

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