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Tribe Candlesticks, Ring Tribe
Tribe Candlesticks
The Tribe Candlesticks are artful and whimsical. Made of rod iron with embellishments made stones, shells, brass and other natural elements. These candlesticks are wonderful in a pair or in a larger grouping.

Tribe Candlesticks are 12"H while the Cats & Jasmine Candlesticks are 19"H.  Each takes a 1/2" dia. candle.  You can purchase extra candles at Sawbridge Studios, call for more information. 


Shown L-R

  • Ring Tribe
  • Brass Tribe
  • Cats & Jasmine
  • Pebble Tribe
  • Stone Tribe
  • Shell Tribe
By Loren & Luís
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Ring Tribe    #05713 $55.00
Brass Tribe    #05714 $55.00
Cats & Jasmine    #05710 $65.00
Pebble Tribe    #05715 $55.00
Stone Tribe    #05712 $65.00
Shell Tribe    #05711 $55.00
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