Zen Vases, Single Vase Plate
Zen Vases
Sawbridge Favorite
Inspired by Matt's candle planks, these vases have become incredibly popular both as single items and in groups.
  • 4" x 4"
  • 3.75" x 15"
  • Cherry & Walnut
  • Cherry & Maple
  • Maple & Walnut
Some would consider Matt a woodworking and iron forging protege.  Introduced to the craft of woodworking by his father at the age of 14, Matt was accepted by the jurors at Tamarak's "The Best of West Virginia" show at the age of 16. This quickly led to an internship with world renown blacksmith, and Sawbridge artist, Jeff F.  His art takes direct inspiration from the nature of his homestate of West Virginia and seamlessly weaves simple lines with impeccable attention to detail.



By Matt T.
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Single Vase Plate    #1575 $25.00
Triple Vase Plate    #1577 $55.00
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