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Fused Glass Cheese Board, Standard Glass
Fused Glass Cheese Board
Susan’s fascination with glass began at a young age when she noticed how the colors and textures of old church windows near her home were transformed as the lighting conditions changed. In her adult life, Susan uses the functional side of glass in her “day job” as an optician. Her kilned formed lanterns and cheese boards are a unique process of melting many layers of glass together. Glass continues to be a medium of endless possibilities for Susan.
Spreader included with every board.  Premium Glass boards (shown on right side in the foreground) include iridescent glass.
Standard Glass Cheese Boards: 10" x 8"
Premium Glass Cheese Boards: 12" x 6"
By Susan Slack
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Standard Glass    #1582 $65.00
Premium Glass    #1582 $85.00
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