Stained Glass - Green, 2x3
Stained Glass - Green
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The Arts & Crafts Stained Glass Window Collection reflects the Prairie Style of stained glass artistry found in historic catalogs from 1890-1910. The wool is handspun, yielding varying diameters, so that when dyed a delightful variegated color is achieved, giving the completed rug a subtle blend of colors that simulates sunlight through a window. Runners are approximately 2.5' wide.

Our rugs are hand knotted in northern India.  They are produced on upright wooden looms that reflect a handcraft dating back for more than 1,000 years.  A typical 8' x10' rug will have upwards of 575,000 hand-tied knots.  All our rugs are woven with 100% New Zealand wool.  The rugs use Swiss Chrome dyes versus traditional vegetable dyes, to ensure color-fastness and consistent color from rug to rug.  Every effort has been made to authentically reproduce Arts & Crafts rug patterns from the period.  As with the originals period rugs, knot density is a direct reflection of design complexity. Open patterns with large scale designs usually require 50-80 knots/inch. More intricate designs are higher.  Given the hand made nature of each rug, sizes are approximate.  .


Please see alternate image for pictures of the runners.  The first alternate image shows the half design available in the 6' and 8' leangths, the second alternate image shows the full design available in the 10' and 12' sizes.

2x3    #PC-50A $260.00
3x5    #PC-50A $660.00
4x6    #PC-50A $1,060.00
5x7    #PC-50A $1,540.00
6x9    #PC-50A $2,380.00
8x10    #PC-50A $3,520.00
9x12    #PC-50A $4,750.00
10x14    #PC-50A $6,160.00
6' Runner    #6758/PC-50A $660.00
8' Runner    #6759/PC-50A $880.00
10' Runner    #6776/PC50A $1,100.00
12' Runner    #6777/PC-50A $1,320.00
Our rugs ship UPS directly to you. In most cases, rugs are in inventory and can be shipped within 10 days. If a rug is out of stock, we will advise you of estimate leadtimes. Custom sizes and minor color modifications are possible on a 9-12 month delivery schedule.

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