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Success Paper Weight
Success Paper Weight
Sawbridge Favorite
Stephen Schlanser creates beautiful bight size pieces of art glass with elegant and graceful etchings. Stephen is known around the world for his work and has been commissioned by the President of the United States to create Peace Boxes that were presented to various world leaders. The crystal plays wonderfully in the light. Each piece is signed by the artist.

Dimensions: 5" x 5"

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Corporate gifts can be purchcased in large or small quantities.  Many pieces can be personalized or engraved.  We will advise you to the timing of a partiular piece.  For other great corporate gift ideas, see our Clock, Barware, Desktop, and Simon Pearce sections. 
Success Paper Weight    #3388 $140.00
Each of our craftsmen are capable of producing multiple items for large group gifts. Contact one of our Studios for the timing requirements on a particular piece.

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