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End Grain Kitchen Tools, Dip Board
End Grain Kitchen Tools
Ryan and Eileen's functional kitchen items are individually made from American walnut and white oak in their California studio. The hand carved oval bowl is beautiful by itself or filled with fresh veggies. Serve crudite on the Dip Board with your favorite dip nestled into the small carved bowl in the corner of the board.

Dimensions & Woods:

  • Utensil Holder
    • 8 x 6 1/2 x 7"H
    • Fumed Oak or Walnut
  • Dip Board
    • 17 x 10 x 2"H
    • Fumed Oak
  • Carved Oval Bowl
    • 11 x 22 x 4"H
    • Fumed Oak or Walnut

Care: Place your board in hot, running water.  Do not be afraid to scrub it with soap and sponge or a scrub pad.  Once the board has been thoroughly cleaned, allow it to air dry.  Every once in a while, sprinkle some course salt across the wood and rub it in with a lemon half. Never put in a dishwasher. 

By Ryan & Eileen
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Dip Board    #01272 $235.00
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