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Stone Food Slab, Mason Coaster
Stone Food Slab
American Stonecraft is a group of artists who work closely with New England farmers to repurpose the stone found every year while clearing their fields. Each piece is wonderfully unique, food safe and stamped on the bottom with its farm of origin.

Each functional piece by American Stonecraft is unique in shape and color.

Instructions: Hand wash with warm dish soap and water.  Use as a serving platter, trivet or natural accent.  Safe (and recommended for!) chilling in fridge or freezer.  Not designed for microwave, dishwasher or oven use.

By American Stonecraft
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Mason Coaster    #06461 $25.00
8" Slab    #06453 $55.00
9" Slab    #06454 $65.00
10" Slab    #06455 $75.00
12" Slab    #06457 $85.00
13" Slab    #06459 $100.00
14" Slab    #06495 $140.00
16" Slab    #06452 $200.00
Due to the nature of these Food Slabs, each is truly unique. Please keep in mind at the time of ordering that all colors and shapes are not always available. If you require something in particular, please call for availability.

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